Jamplay Review

Online guitar lesson sites have revolutionized how people are learning to play this classic instrument. While face-to-face lessons will always have their place, online lessons are more affordable, customizable, and flexible. While there is a growing number of online lesson sites to choose from, some are better than others. When considering which site to become a member of, it’s a good idea to do a little due diligence beforehand. Jamplay is one of the most popular online guitar lesson sites as it offers its members a number of valuable benefits and features for an affordable price.

Jamplay Review

Progression and Playing Level

Jamplay is a popular option when it comes to learning to play guitar online as it is well suited to various playing levels from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This is because the Jamplay lessons are designed with progression in mind. Regardless of where you start with your playing experience and ability, the end goal of Jamplay’s lessons is that you are progressing to the next level in a fun and rewarding environment.

Jamplay Review Features

Jamplay has an impressive list of features that all lead their members to increasing their skill and confidence with the guitar. The site has an extensive list of knowledgeable and professional instructors that are constantly recording, editing, and publishing fresh lessons monthly. The constant supply of fresh content keeps progression within reach of all skill levels and keeps members interested, entertained, and moving forward.

Jamplay is known for its consistency with adding new and exciting lessons almost daily, and this is something not many online guitar lesson sites can claim.

With a Jamplay membership, you receive unrestricted access to approximately 6,000 different guitar lessons and more than 400 lesson options to choose from. With more than 80 iconic instructors to choose from, every musical genre and style is covered comprehensively. This is where a big advantage of taking online lessons comes in; if you don’t like your current instructor, you can simply move on until you find one whose style and approach suits you best.

Jamplay’s Lesson Quality

Every one of Jamplay’s lessons features audio that is digitally recorded and mastered in a professional studio in high definition. If you have tried to learn from a poor-quality YouTube video, you will appreciate the high quality of the Jamplay lessons. In addition, every lesson comes with the option of being able to stream it in different qualities. You can even stream lessons straight to your mobile device.

Jamplay Instructors

Each and every Jamplay instuctor has an extensive amount of playing/teaching experience. There is a comprehensive list of instructors, along with pictures and credentials. All members have to do is scroll through until they find one that suits their music preference and playing style. This is a great way to customize the experience, and most instructors offer a free lesson so you can test drive them before fully committing.

Lesson Style

The wide variety of lesson styles is one of the best Jamplay features. You can chose to learn how to play in any style: Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Celtic, Country, Jazz, Reggae, and much more.

There is also the ever-popular ‘Learn a Skill’ option which is ideal for intermediate-to-advanced players looking to sharpen their ability to master a certain aspect like speed, reading music, chords, ear training, theory, and much more.

Another popular lesson choice is to learn specific songs. After all, what’s the point of learning to play guitar if you can’t play your favourite tunes?

Jamplay also features the coveted ‘Artist Series’ lesson, and these are lessons taught by guitar greats such as Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Tosin Abasi, and Joel Kosche.

Jamplay Membership Pros:

• experienced instructors
• professional musicians teach some lessons
• learning in any style or musical genre
• user-friendly apps
• high-quality video and audio
• professional studio recording
• monthly rates as low as $19.99/month

Jamplay Membership Cons

• Membership cost, unlike YouTube videos
• More ideal for intermediate-to-advanced players
• Not as extensive a library as older sites

Jamplay Guarantee

When it comes to becoming a Jamplay member, you have the option of trying it out for 30 days, and if you are not hooked, they will give you 100-percent of your money back. There is also the added benefit of receiving one of their 2019 acoustic toolkits, for free, with the purchase of a year membership.

While Jamplay has not been around as long as some of the other guitar lesson sites, they have an impressive list of features available to members at affordable rates: free mobile apps, professional instructors, free trial, progress reports, studio-quality lesson recordings, interactive games, and numerous lesson options from style to song and artist. With progression in mind, the Jamplay guitar lessons are designed with longevity in mind. No one can learn to play any instrument to a high standard quickly, and that is why the Jamplay team have worked hard to come up with a modern and user-friendly platform upon which members can progress their skill level at their own pace. With different levels of membership options ranging from $13 to $35, this is a much more affordable option than traditional face-to-face lessons, not to mention the convenience of being able to work around your own schedule and not stress about missing an expensive lesson. Members of Jamplay have reported that not only did their guitar-playing skills progress more than they anticipated, they also had the privilege of becoming part of a solid online community.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha as a brand are known for high quality products. In the guitar industry, they are one of the brands that offer sophisticated and well-crafted guitars. They have lots of models and all of them are a proof of the excellent craftsmanship with which they produce their guitars. There are many models of the Yamaha guitars but this review will be focused on a particular model, the FG840 model. The FG840 is a member of the FG series. You may be familiar with the FS800 that is known for its small size and beautiful sound. But the FG840 brings something unique to the table. You must be aching to read the details, so without wasting time, here is a review of the Yamaha FG840.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars


The FG840 has a flamed maple back and sides which gives it a very distinctive and exotic appearance that makes it look expensive. It has a solid spruce top that helps to give you a well-balanced projection which can be trusted. The guitar is made from materials of high quality and this ensures that it is durable and of high strength. The guitar produces a transparent sound that allows the user to hear the chord ring clearly. It also has a black and white inlaid double rosette, die-cast chrome tuners, a tortoise pattern pickguard and Abs bridge pins that have white dots. This is an acoustic guitar, it cannot be plugged in, it has no preamp or pickup and it does not have an electronic tuner.


It has a dreadnought body type and it has no cutaway. The spruce top as mentioned in the overview is solid and helps to give the user balance. The back and the sides are flamed maple and it has a scalloped bracing pattern.


The nut width is about 1.6 inches and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. The wood used in making the neck is Nato wood and the scale length is 24.84 inches. It has 20 frets.


The headstock overlay is made from rosewood and it has a Die-cast Chrome tuning machine. It has t6 strings and it is made in china originally.


The FG840 is a great guitar that was built to replace the FG740. The entire body structure of the FG840 was built to last as it features a solid spruce top, flamed maple back and sides and a Nato neck. The scalloped bracing helps to give the guitar more volume and a bigger tone for an acoustic guitar. The FG840 was built by Yamaha with an intention of giving its users more quality at an affordable price. You can get an FG840 at about $500 and above, it is affordable and considering the benefits, it can be seen as a giveaway. If you are a beginner that wants a great acoustic guitar, then the FG840 is a place to start.